How To Choose Art Like A Pro!

Below is a post by the talented Rani Engineer at, sponsored by Creative Strokes. She has given some great tips to help you select the appropriate artwork while shopping on our website. 


How To Choose Art Like A Pro!

Art is an integral part of interior design. It is an ingenious way to add colour, depth, interest and panache to any interior.

A common mistake that a lot of us make is treat art like an afterthought. Instead of treating artwork as something to fill a blank wall or empty space with, it should be celebrated as the focal point in a room at par with wall colour, furniture and lighting.

[source: Creative Strokes]

When choosing art, there are a few guidelines to follow such as theme, colour, composition, scale, texture, harmony and unity and balance.


When choosing art consider the overall theme and style of your home or room.

Yes, you should buy what you love, and what speaks to you, but think about the style and design plan of the room which will to a certain extent dictate the type of artwork you choose.

The artwork should be complementary to the room design and work cohesively with the overall style of your home.

For example, abstract art looks great in modern homes, classic landscapes or family portraits complement traditional home designs and modern pop art works well in contemporary and industrial settings.



Design tip:

When choosing to frame large size artwork in glass, choose anti-reflective glass or acrylic.



Art offers an instant colour palette. The size of the artwork will often dictate the colour scheme of the room, soft furnishings, decorative accents and even accessories. Picking colours from the artwork and using layers of that colour in the room creates fluidity and an overall complementary design.

Pairing a minimalist monochromatic painting with colourful accessories and rich furniture textures will make your overall design really spring to life. In contrast, a bold and vibrant painting in a neutral room will create an attractive focal point.

[Neon Abstract]

Design tip:

To make your artwork really stand out, think about installing appropriate lighting above or below it.



Think about the composition of the artwork and where it would fit in your home. Soothing paintings, prints and art are perfect for the bedroom whereas bright colours look great in the living or dining room.

Also think about grouping artwork to create an interesting gallery wall. Group oil paintings with posters, prints and mixed media objects to create greater impact and an unforgettable interior.

[Sydney Bronte Beach]

Design tip:

Hanging smaller pieces of art slightly off-centre adds to the fluidity of the space and creates an eclectic design.



The scale and proportion of the artwork is of significant importance when choosing art for your home. The appropriate scale of the painting to the size of the room creates a harmonious and overall pleasing design. For example, a low-line sofa with a large scale art hung high above it will make a room with low ceilings seem more generous. Whereas, in a large open plan room, the right sized artwork will help create a focal point and lead the eye away from the rest of the open space.

[Two horses]

Design tip:

Remember to hang your artwork at standing eye level to really appreciate it.



A simple room design can be instantly uplifted by the beautiful textural brush strokes of an oil painting. It appeals to our senses, both visual and tactile and also adds warmth to the room.

[Seascape Abstract]

Design tip:

Large oil paintings look beautiful framed in shadow boxes with no glass or acrylic.


Harmony and Unity

Art needs to complement the room design and style and create a charismatic focal point. It's purpose is to enhance, not to upstage or detract from a space. The idea here is to create a harmonious unity in the room design. In other words, all your artwork in the same space should look and feel as if they belong together. A unified design emphasises the overall theme and holds your design together both visually and conceptually.

[source: Nest series from creative artworks]

Design tip:

An oversized artwork or an interesting gallery wall will add drama and bags of visual appeal to a small room.



Art makes a room design look and feel complete. If you have a large wall, think about hanging art in a series of three to balance the space and maintain unity in the room design. If there is a natural focal point in the room, like a large fireplace, placing an artwork on top of it will help balance the architectural feature.

[Blue Galaxy Abstract]

Design tip:

If you are hanging artwork in the kitchen, remember to frame it behind glass or acrylic to protect it.


[source: Creative Strokes]


Following these simple guidelines will have you choosing art like a professional! However, it takes time and practice to build your confidence when picking out artwork. If you feel undecided or unsure, help is at hand in the form of free in-home consultations by Creative Strokes, an art boutique with a wide range of canvas oil paintings to suit any design, style or theme, to help you choose the right art for the right space in your home or office!


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Till next time...let art take centre stage!



October 10, 2016